Monday, January 30, 2012

FREE Groundhog pattern

We did not finish this today but I wanted to get this out in case you could use it this year. I was inspired by the big-eyed Scrappin Doodle clipart to make a groundhog peekover.
The cute paper is from Kerri at Teacher Bits and Bobs!

Today we read a Gail Gibbons book to learn about groundhogs. Before we read, we recorded our schema on a circle map. After we read, we crossed out anything that was a misconception and then added new learning in a different color. Not pretty but this is what my charts look like if I do them on the spot with the kids. This my attempt to combine the Debbie Miller chart I did last year with my new dedication to thinking maps.
I was hoping to have the kids write a paragraph about the new facts they learned but with a field trip this week and their less than stellar behavior, it may not happen. We'll see if my blood pressure can take it. Hence the shorter Phil response paper you see above in the sample.

Off to bring one son to basketball and help the other write 10 metaphors (really?) so I gotta run. Hope you can use the pattern.
Groundhog Pattern