Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Had a Scare Today

If you have been following my blog for awhile, you may remember that my 4th grade son attends the school where I teach and we live just down the street. I usually go in @ 8 AM and my husband drops Quinn off @ 8:45 AM.  Today was a normal day except I forgot my cell phone. Hate when I do that!

Fast forward to lunch. Quinn's teacher is a friend of mine and she casually asks over lunch where Quinn is today. WHat do you mean? He isn't here??? I am shocked since when I left the house he was happily getting his Backwards Day outfit on. I start to get a bad feeling but I rationalize that it is possible he started feeling sick after I left. I immediately go to the staff room phone and call home. No answer. My heart starts beating wildly. I call my husband's cell. No answer. Now I am starting to panic. My imagination starts conjuring images of abduction from the school parking lot. Rational? No, but I think we already established in my prior Conan story that my brain easily jumps to worst-case scenarios.

I am about to go home to see if I can find out anything when the secretary comes in to tell me my husband is on the other line.

He starts with, "We had a little accident this morning..." CRAP! Did he cut off a finger?  My mind is going again...

Apparently they decided to give his Pinewood derby car a quick coat of silver spray paint before school. Quinn accidentally turned the nozzle the wrong way and sprayed it into his EYE!

They spent all morning washing it out, then in the emergency room and later the doctor.  Poor guy! I guess it hurt quite a bit but he is fine now.

 I'll leave you with what I had originally planned to blog about: Chinese New Year.

We made a circle map brainstorming what the students already knew about Chinese New Year. Then we read this simple book and shared if our families celebrated.
Later, we made this puppet.
Someone decided they looked better as hats and a new craze was born.
Having that mild panic attack at lunch made me a little more appreciative and tolerant of my wild bunch this afternoon.  Thank goodness my scare turned out fine.  Hug your loved ones!



  1. Ohmiword Jenn!!! Bless his heart...and yours, too!!! I swear I'm the SAME way!! If I'm away from Mr. Spouse and the boys...and he doesn't answer his phone {after 15 mind IMMEDIATELY goes to the worst thought possible. Darnit! Glad he's okay!!! Hopefully you'll ALL sleep well tonight :)

    Cara :)
    The First Grade Parade

  2. Bless his heart!! Hope he's feeling better. Too bad it's not Halloween...he could have turned that into a pretty good costume.
    Mrs. Plant's Press

  3. As a mom and a worrier I totally feel for you. I'm so glad it all worked out though!

    Jody @
    Camp Kindergarten

  4. Oh goodness! I hope Quinn's eye is better this evening. After all that he better win that Pinewood derby! :)

  5. Oh my lanta! Just looking at your poor kiddo makes my eyes water. I hope he is on the mend!


  6. Oh your poor little boy!!! I hope his eye feels better soon!

    Grade ONEderful

  7. Oh Yikes! I sure hope he is feeling better! What a crazy lil accident!
    First Grade Fever

  8. OUCH!!!! His eye is so red (and silver!). So glad all is okay. I hate when I leave my cell phone at home!
    Cute puppets -- when we made teepees, my kids used them as hats, too. Kids are funny. :)
    A Teeny Tiny Teacher

  9. Boys are fun to raise. You just need to stay ahead of the curve and pray that you will survive each crisis! Thank goodness he is okay. Eyes are kind of important. I am glad this had a happy ending and he is adorable and reminds me of the tin man in the Wizard of Oz.

  10. Wow, hope everything is all right. What a freaky accident!

  11. Oh my gosh! What a scary thing to have happen. I'm glad to hear he is OK!

    Primary Junction

  12. Oh my! So glad he is ok!! That had to be scary! We never have our cell phone when we need it do we? Hopefully tomorrow will be a much calmer day! Note to self...get a cell phone clip :) Love the Chinese New Year things!
    Diane & Kelly

  13. Oh man. I would have had those same thoughts as you and maybe worse! My mind goes down some dark, dark roads when I can't get ahold of someone. Glad it all turned out fine! (Maybe we need to stop watching so much Law & Order? ha!)
    Sunny Days In Second Grade

  14. Glad he's ok. I would have been freaking out too about not being able to get ahold of anyone and knowing that my child didn't make it to school.

    Fun In First

  15. So glad Quinn is okay! I did this too when I was his age! It certainly hurts!

  16. Oh my goodness.....bless his heart! I totally would have done the same thing....mind racing, heart beating,etc. Number one rule in the house growing up was "Don't make Momma worry!" Glad he is ok now - the silver spray paint on his head makes him look tough! War paint!

    Your chinese new year stuff is TOO cute!

    Eberhart’s Explorers

  17. What a handsome little man you have!! He looks a lot like my oldest. :) I would so have freaked out too! I just have too vivid of an imagination. I bet that did hurt! Poor guy! I'm sure he learned a good lesson though. :)
    Thoughts of a Third Grade Teacher

  18. Oh Jenn! I'm glad your son is ok!! How painful that must have been!

  19. That puppet is cute! Where did you find it? I would love to use it next year


    1. This is one of those hand me downs that I only have a hard copy of. My scanner has suddenly stopped working but I will be sure to scan and share when I can.

  21. On a positive note he looks pretty cool...