Saturday, May 16, 2020

Free Boom Cards Diphthong OO Sort

Have you tried Boom Cards with your students? They are digital task cards that can be completed on any device by going to the site or downloading the app. They can be used for any topic and any grade.

As the teacher, you can create a class, assign a deck and then get to see the student's results. Seems perfect for distance learning (assuming your kiddos have access to technology, of course.) Like so many other great companies, you can sign up for an account for free right now due to COVID.

I really feel for those of you with young kids at home. I am teaching remotely full time but my boys are a senior in high school and sophomore in college so they are very self-sufficient. My sister says it is very tough trying to work full time and help the kids.

My first grade niece was telling me she is working on the vowel digraph (or diphthong) oo this week so I took a stab at making her a sorting deck.

If you click on this picture it should take you to a working preview.
I like that you can include an audio recording so you can read directions for the younger ones. In this case, it was helpful for me to go over the two sounds oo can make. I also explained that this was a drag and drop activity.

I made this FREE if you want to try them. Click HERE to see them on boom

Stay safe and sane! We have 2 weeks left and I feel like we are all just going to barely crawl over the finish line.