Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Boom Deck Diphthong OW Sorting By Sound

Here is another Boom Deck on the 2 sounds of the diphthong OW. 

 I think this one is a little more advanced because I ask the student to read 4 words on the card and identify which one has the asked for sound of ow. I made an audio recording of the direction so they can hear the asked for sound.

I actually just went in and replaced the font because I didn't like that one. 
Are you as picky about fonts as I am?

Click on the picture above to go to a live preview to try these cards for yourself!

There are only 10 cards because I thought reading 40 words, possibly more than once to hear the sounds, was a lot of work.

You can grab this for only $1.25 in my TpT store or at Boom Learning.