Saturday, July 26, 2014

Sight Word Go Fish Giveaway

I love to make learning fun for my students. One of the girls I am tutoring needs to practice her sight words so I made a game we could play called Sight Word Go Fish: Fry Words 1-100!

 I split Fry's first 100 words into groups of 20 and color-coded them. That way I can assign a group a certain deck (color) and know the words are at their ability level. {This corresponds exactly to my Sight Word Superstars program for those that use it. } 
You could also pick just the words you want the group to work on and ignore the colors.
I included a title card with the corresponding color for each deck. My plan is to buy plastic soap boxes like this one and Mod Podge or hot glue the title on the top. You could also just glue it to a baggie or simply leave it on top when you use a rubber band.
Source: Shady Tree Diary
I plan to make the Second Grade version next using Fry Words 101-200. I am excited to have another  game that I know my students will enjoy during literacy centers or guided reading groups.

This game is only $3 in my TpT store or you can enter to win below. I asked for the blog or Facebook comment to be about your school dreams. Mine have started already and I am VERY unhappy with my subconscious!! I have less than 3 weeks left and I know it is going to fly by! 



  1. My dream is coming true this year...great new school with a great team of teachers!

  2. No school dreams, but I'll probably have one now...

  3. Thanks for your Giveaway. I almost never enter them for one item, but I really want that one, so I am trying this time. My dream is very different than most teachers. I run a small tutoring business, and I have been off work all summer due to cancer and having radiation (fortunately the surgery got all of the cancer, and hopefully the radiation is killing any that's left) But, I kept sending material in for my tutors to use (compliments of TPT), and contacted parents, coordinated the schedule, etc. So, my dream is to be able to go back to the office this fall and work with the kids again. Have a great year.

  4. I do not head back to school until September, but I have already had one school dream. All I remember is that they moved me to a some kind of room in the basement without any doors or windows. There was a really, really, loud classroom placed next to mine. My poor little readers had such difficulty focusing. That is all I remember :)
    Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!
    Little Literacy Learners

  5. The panic has set in! I have one week left! I haven't been able to go in and start working due to construction! YIKES! How will it all get done in one week???

  6. Yes the anxiety is starting. For some reason, even after 20 years of teaching I am always nervous that I won't get everything done. Since I changed rooms this year, I have all the unpacking and organizing to do, Feeling VERY overwhelmed,

  7. I had my first one (this school year) last night. All of my files were moved to another wing and everything was mislabeled...I couldn't find a thing I needed!

  8. love the game. Just what I need for the next couple of weeks of summer school~