Sunday, December 11, 2011

Holiday Fun and a Freebie

There are just too many cute projects out there! I can't fit in everything I want to do! This week we made ourselves into reindeer and applied for a job pulling Santa's sleigh. I believe I got this last year from the girls over at What the Teacher Wants but let me know if I am wrong so I can give credit properly.
Love how she kept her hair bow in.

This one cracked me up! I assume "I run God" was not the intention.
Aren't they adorable?! I am a sucker for any project that uses their picture. I read this story with it which puts a modern spin on trying to win a position on the team.

 We also did a project that I saved since last year when I saw it on Cara's terrific site The First Grade Parade. After reading Santa's Stuck, as suggested by Cara, we made these.

 I recreated what Cara had done with one change. For the snow on the chimney we painted with equal parts shaving cream and white glue. I held mine up while it was still wet and purposefully let it drip down a little to simulate icicles. The kids were amazed how it dried puffy.

To say thank you for all the wonderful ideas I get from you all, here is another FREEBIE  for you.
 Click HERE to get a FREE copy of this Holiday Syllable Sort I plan to use this week.

This week is going to be cra-zy! In addition to our class party on Friday, we have 2 singalongs {we can't fit the whole school in the auditorium at the same time} and the whole staff gets up on stage and sings as reindeer dressed in a different theme every year. This year is PJ reindeer which I am pretty darn excited about.  I love to read comments so let me know what fun things your school does this week.



  1. I have given you the Sunshine Award.
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  2. LOVE your Santa project!!

  3. Those reindeer are DARLING!!!

  4. Yep! You're right! :) Your reindeer turned out darling!!!!