Saturday, June 18, 2011

I was nominated!

Thank you so much for nominating my blog!

I am honored and working on a freebie for all my wonderful followers!



  1. I'm glad you were nominated! I really enjoy following your blog. I especially loved your math editing problems. My first graders looked forward to them each morning when they came in to class. I am a former Hacienda parent, My three older children went there and we loved it. The science lab was fabulous, as well as the music program they had. All three of my kids had Mrs. Rail. Is she still teaching there? I used to see her around here and there. After my fourth child was born we had planned on sending her to Hacienda so she could have her. As it turned out we decided to have her go with me to the school I teach at in the Oak Grove School District. I love looking at the pictures of your class in their Hacienda shirts. It brings back fond memories. I look forward to more of your great blog and voting for you on the first.
    Nancy Joyce

  2. Hi, Nancy. Hacienda is a special place. Mrs. Rail retired a year ago. I am happy to hear you enjoy my blog. Thanks for the vote. :-)

  3. hi jenn~ i love keeping up with you blog! i am considering looping to first with my kinders from the past year~~hope its as fab as yours!!