Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Graduation Art

I was going to have my class draw a self-portrait this week to compare to the one they made the first week of school. When I saw this cute graduation idea at peaceloveandkindergarten I just had to adapt it for my class. I made real tassels out of yarn which my kids just went crazy for!

 Tomorrow students will write about what they are proud of themselves for in first grade. It could be learning to read, mastering their math facts, or perhaps a social goal?
I am interested to see what they come up with. I am hoping for some real reflection. 
They will glue it to the front of their gown.

Graduation Writing
I have one giveaway prize unclaimed. 
Jamay, you have 24 more hours to contact me and then I will need to pick a new winner so I can get these prizes in the mail!
Set #1 Jamay said...
I love your blog! I checked out this website and love the bags!! What a great idea for a fundraiser. Thanks!!
5 1/2 days left!! 



  1. I thought your 100 year old people were adoreable- the graduation kids are very cute too! You have an artistic class!

  2. I love all of your ideas! I am new to blogging, and am loving it so far! Thanks for sharing!


  3. i LOVE LOVE LOVE this! we are totally doing this tomorrow! :)