Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Daily Editing Word Problems for the week of 5-23

My class is loving reading Frog and Toad so they will be starring in our morning work next week! :-)

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  1. Cool! Thanks for sharing those! I recently finished Arnold Lobel as 'Author of the Week' unfortunately but I will save these for next year! I love integration across subjects. =o)


  2. Thanks so much for putting these up every week. I just signed a contract for my very first classroom (YAY!) and right after I signed it, I thought about these problems and how they would make a great after-lunch Math warm-up. :) Thanks again!

    Magnificent Multiagers!

  3. These are genius! I love how it incorporates math, reading, and writing :)


  4. Jenn these are fantastic! I like the way you combine daily language practice w/word problems! This will go great with my farm unit because of all the frog and toad and veggies! THANK YOU! I wish I knew how to do stuff like this and post it for others!