Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Mother's Day updated!

So I had a sweet follower ask very nicely if I could add some alternative pages to my Mother's Day Gift Ideas packet. Seems there are certain areas of the country that coffee is taboo so she was hoping the coffee could be changed to cocoa in the If You Give a Mom a Muffin booklet. {Note to self: never move wherever that is!}  I thought that wouldn't be too hard so I agreed. {I have posted all about how I do this project with my kiddos here and here.}

 HA, I should have know better! 

This file is old and it seems that the old version of Word doesn't play nicely with the new version I have. So after fighting it for awhile I remade the whole thing in PowerPoint (my new love.) Of course, I had to use some new cuter frames. Then I got ambitious and tried my hand at making my own muffin clip art for the cover...we have an ink shortage and my students love to color.
Since I had so many pictures for the illustration ideas I had to reduce the file size, but that made the frames blurry. Grrr...

I figured a work around that but then the pdf would print with extra white space which made the pages not perfectly aligned when you cut them in half.... ARG!!!!!! Isn't technology supposed to simplify your life? I guess some of it is me being very particular but darn it, after all the time I spend making something I want it to look like I intended when it prints out!!

After much searching on Google I FINALLY figured out how to fix this annoying problem once and for all! I danced around the house chanting, " I did it, I'm awesome, I fixed it..." My 5th just laughed at me. My 7th grader waited until I stopped my strutting and then said with a straight face, "How did that go again?" Wise guy!

Anyways....the point of this long story is....I have revised my packet so if you already own it you can go download the update for free.  If you don't have a plan for a Mother's Day gift yet, you can check it out here. I think making their mom in bed might be their favorite part...maybe I'll take a poll this year to see if I am right.

They are always SO proud to take this gift home. It is adorable to watch them decide which flavor of muffin they think their mom would like the best. I've even had some admit they are really hoping their mom will share the muffin with them! LOL, gotta love first graders!

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