Sunday, April 7, 2013

Winner and the Longest Day Ever

I'm finally on Spring Break! Thursday I had 38 students all day due to a sub shortage.  Has that ever happened to you? The sub didn't show and the teacher had her phone off for the training so didn't know they wanted her to come back. It was the longest day EVER! I don't understand why my district limits the number in the sub pool? Can it really hurt to have more names to call? Clearly we need more.

I'm off to the airport to go see my family in Palm Desert but I wanted to pop in and announce the winner of my new Splat the Cat Sings Flat book club packet is Susie Stallard!

I'll be using these the week we get back...
and I have a few more I am in the process of making packets for. I hope to get them done this week but I have promised myself I am going to relax and give myself some me time, too. The pool is calling me.

Crazy mom has requested an IEP for 8 AM the Monday we get back for no apparent reason. I think she is just doing it because she can.  So I am really trying NOT to think about the fun that awaits me on my return.

Hopefully I will fit in some blog reading time so I can catch up with you all.