Sunday, April 28, 2013

Earth/Arbor Day and a winner!

Friday we celebrated Earth/Arbor Day at my school. We are an environmental science magnet so we do it up pretty big. There is an outdoor assembly in front of our class garden beds and all the classes  sing songs related to Earth Day. Then the classrooms are open for other classes and visitors to view our Earth Day projects. We made recycled insects since it goes along with our huge insect unit we are doing right now.

The third grade rooms are always impressive because they make these amazing totem hats to represent the animal they did their report on. They have a closing ceremony and all the kids wear their hat and parade around.
Can you believe how huge this hat is?
Taller than a first grader (well, when it is on the desk.)

There were so many more terrific ones but I think this post is going into picture overload already so I will stop.

The whole school also got to help plant a tree for Arbor Day. I think that will be kind of cool when they are older and remember that they helped plant that tree.
Congrats to Lorena for winning my updated Mother's Day Gift Ideas packet! Thanks to all that  entered and follow me!



  1. In the post preview I thought the first one was a real insect! I was wondering why on earth it was on a desk and not in something, haha. I love that peacock hat.

    You Might Be a First Grader….

  2. I love the insects! I'm also really excited about winning and having the students work on their Mother's Day Gifts.

  3. I love the insects! Such a great idea to make them out of recycled materials. Love it!
    Teacher Treasure Hunter