Monday, April 1, 2013

Splat the Cat Sings Flat

4 more days until my Spring Break. I can make it! I had my doubts there for awhile. My class was EXTREMELY (ridiculously, unimaginatively, insanely)  talkative and I was seriously at my wits end. In desperation I changed my behavior system to Class Dojo. The change was immediate and I felt like I could finally hear myself think!  I'd kiss those Dojo guys if they didn't live so far away. Well, that and my hubby probably wouldn't like it too much.
I've been working on some new book club packets. My students are so excited to be a part of these book clubs. They are funny, they covet the book packets that other groups get assigned. Today a group literally cheered when they saw that they got to read Junie B. Dumb Bunny next.

Are you a Splat the Cat fan? When I saw Splat the Cat Sings Flat was available from Scholastic SeeSaw January for only $1 I snapped up 6 copies for my guided reading groups. This book is an Accelerated Reader level of 1.8.

Comprehension Questions

Parts of Speech sort with words from the story.

A choice of 2 text-to-self writing responses with a peek-over craft!
Click {HERE} to go check this packet out. As usual, I'd like to give a copy away to a loyal follower.
Just enter below and I will pick a winner on Sunday when I am finally enjoying my Spring Break!
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  1. I love Splat! I am already a "cat" person, but he would win me over if I weren' hoping to win this for the cute craft of Splat!

    1. Already following both places, so maybe I would like to see some open-ended questions, which *hopefully* would spur some real discussion among the book club participants!

  2. Dojo ROCKS my world! I started using it in January and my class has not been the same. I gave them awards to choose from, like lunch with me or my principal, changing their avatar, etc. They just hear the ding or sad sound and they snap into proper behavior. I think it really helps that I keep it on our TV all day :)
    New Adventures in First Grade

  3. Love Splat books! I have been following your blog so I am not a new follower. What about a book that works on syllables? That can be tricky for my Kindergarten kids.

  4. I have been following your TpT store. What about using a rhyming book in the future?

  5. I tried Dojo but I don't have a smart board and so they don't see it. Out of sight out of mind kind of thing.
    I have been a follower for a long time and love your ideas. I am starting book clubs so this would be great.
    First Grade by the Sea

  6. My class has not been the same since I started Class Dojo and that's a wonderful thing! I spend hardly any time on discipline issues no so I'm a happy camper! Glad you like it too.

  7. I am already a follower in both spots- Cam Jansen and Henry and Madge are big hits right now. So are frog and Toad and Arthur

  8. I started your book club packet with my kiddos today too and they thought I was the coooolest teacher EVER!!! Thanks for your always awesome things! :)

  9. I am a follower of both your blog and store. I would love to see Cam Jansen or Junie B.

  10. Funny, I just posted about how chatty my kids were today too and shared my new idea today. :) It's that time of the year. I have not heard of Class DOJO. I have to check that out. Your packet looks really fun!
    First Grade Funtastic

  11. I LOVE SPLAT THE CAT!!!! I follow your blog AND your tpt store! :o)


  12. I already follow your TpT store and blog. This pack looks super cute! I just love Splat. I have a most of the Splat books... and the ones I don't have are in my Amazon cart waiting for my next big purchase! ;)

    First Grade Garden

  13. We love us some Dojo too! Just started before spring break because we needed to bust out with some serious tricks! It's been great.
    And we love us some Splat! AND we follow ya all over the place! Thanks for the great ideas!

    ~Christy & Tammy
    Fluttering Through First Grade

  14. I LOVE SPLAT THE CAT!!!! I already follow your blog and your tpt store! I just love all of your ideas! I've looked at Class Dojo a few times, but don't want to keep the projector on the whole day and I want it to be visual. Now I've got to brainstorm! :)