Monday, April 1, 2013

Splat the Cat Sings Flat

4 more days until my Spring Break. I can make it! I had my doubts there for awhile. My class was EXTREMELY (ridiculously, unimaginatively, insanely)  talkative and I was seriously at my wits end. In desperation I changed my behavior system to Class Dojo. The change was immediate and I felt like I could finally hear myself think!  I'd kiss those Dojo guys if they didn't live so far away. Well, that and my hubby probably wouldn't like it too much.
I've been working on some new book club packets. My students are so excited to be a part of these book clubs. They are funny, they covet the book packets that other groups get assigned. Today a group literally cheered when they saw that they got to read Junie B. Dumb Bunny next.

Are you a Splat the Cat fan? When I saw Splat the Cat Sings Flat was available from Scholastic SeeSaw January for only $1 I snapped up 6 copies for my guided reading groups. This book is an Accelerated Reader level of 1.8.

Comprehension Questions

Parts of Speech sort with words from the story.

A choice of 2 text-to-self writing responses with a peek-over craft!
Click {HERE} to go check this packet out. As usual, I'd like to give a copy away to a loyal follower.
Just enter below and I will pick a winner on Sunday when I am finally enjoying my Spring Break!
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