Sunday, July 15, 2012

Student Info FREEBIE

I got an email from a friend that our class lists were up in our computer system (Infinite Campus) if the setting was changed to the next school year. We usually don't get our list until the week we go back so this is awesome!! I know it could change but I am going to take my chances and start prepping. I have 2 Davids and 2 Nathans. Ugh, I hate that! The student pictures come up with the roster and there are some real cuties!! I am crossing my fingers that this group is a sweet as they look. I'm not sure I would survive another year like last year!

The first thing I did was make lists of important info I need to be aware of like allergies or who goes to speech. I will need to follow up on some of the specifics when I can get into their files. Infinite Campus also provides CELDT results so I was able to tell who my ELs were and their incoming level.

I decided to use the Sticky Note template I shared earlier and transform it into a Student Info sheet for my teacher binder.
 You notice I have no one in RSP. Our district has made qualifying for services almost impossible to save money. It makes me so sad that kids are not getting the help they need because of the almighty dollar.

  I made a blank version that you can download {HERE} if you can use it.
I want to thank those of you who encouraged me to call my vet about my cat. I did and he agreed that the cone was too stressful for Shadow and I could take it off. He said it would probably take longer to heal but she had the antibiotics so it should be okay. She bounced right back to her usual self once the collar was off! Thanks for the support everybody!