Friday, July 13, 2012

Big Brother & My Cat Reality Show

Are there any other Big Brother fans out there? 

What do you think of the new cast? I have to admit I always hope for some romance (like Jeff & Jordan) or at least flirting & sexual tension (Danielle & Nick.) I think Shane is my only hope in that department.

This new Danielle saying she was a Kindergarten teacher instead of a nurse to seem less threatening irritated me. It seemed like she was implying that she didn't want to seem too smart. :-( I hate how people have such a misrepresentation of what we do and the intelligence it takes to be good at it.

Willie should have been more proactive if he didn't want people to know he was related to Russell (Survivor). Instead of acting surprised I would have said, "Yea, people say I look like him all the time.
I felt badly that Jodi got sent home the first night! That PJ game looked HARD.

The veteran coaches is an interesting twist. They were really sharing some awful dirt about Boogie on Showtime After Dark. I was surprised they didn't cut away but I guess he did sign the release.

In my own cat reality show...

Shadow is still not reacting well to the cone. She does nothing but lie still (with her head looking uncomfortable) until something spooks her and she runs around bumping into doorways and eventually dives under a bed. She stays wedged under there the rest of the day not moving. The first night she was so still and quiet I was seriously worried she was dead. The last 2 nights we have had to lift the bed entirely off the frame so I could scoop her out. Then we hand feed her. She won't drink water for some reason which concerns me. She peed a little on the rug and we realized she is so afraid to move she is not making it to the litter box. She smells like pee and of course can't clean herself with the cone. So now we place her in the litter box a couple times a day.

Her wound has bled because she has taken to dragging her butt back rather than walk forward with the cone. I wish they had given us the fabric cone but they said it didn't fit her? I stayed in bed an extra hour this morning because she was laying on me so peacefully I didn't have the heart to disturb her. My husband blocked off our bed so she can't go under it today. We'll see if that works!

 I also need to announce....

Congrats to Cathy Smith, the winner of my VersaTiles Starter Set Giveaway!
That was the first time I used Rafflecopter and I really liked it. Why you ask? (Okay, okay, you didn't but play along...)
1. You set the time for the contest to be over and it automatically closes the entries.
2. It will randomly pick the winner for you so no more having to use the random number generator. This also is good since I no longer have numbered comments.
3. The entries are collected by the widget so you don't get an email for each one. I usually like seeing my comments by email but deleting 500+ for this giveaway wouldn't have been too cool.
4. It is much faster for people ENTERING the giveaway than leaving comments for each one (especially if people still have the annoying word verification setting! Seriously, get rid of it already! You don't need it and it will deter people from commenting.)
5. It is FREE!

Are you unsure about HOW to enter giveaways on Rafflecopter? Click {here} to view a short tutorial.

No, I am not getting anything from the Rafflecopter people, I just like to help out the newbies.

I have been asked many times to make a blogging booklet for beginners. If I did, what kinds of questions do you have that you would like to see answered?



  1. Your poor kitty! My English Bulldog had eye surgery earlier this year and had to wear the cone FOREVER. He never got used to it and bumped into everything. He finally had it so mangled that he could chew on it. After that, it was over and I had to take it off before he ate it completely.

    Lovin’ Kindergarten

  2. I love love love Big Brother!!! I don't watch a lot of tv but it is one show I can't miss! I totally agree with everything you said about last night's episode. Danielle's lie about what she does for a living really got on my nerves too! She's going to have to redeem herself! I was actually hoping Dan would give her the boot instead of poor Jodi!

    I feel so bad for you and your kitty! You both shouldn't have to be going through all that. My best friend is a vet tech and she suggested you call your vet. Perhaps your kitty would do better without the collar. Anyway, I wish you luck, it's so hard when our animals are sick!

    And thanks for your helpful blogging tips! I love your blog!

  3. I didn't get to watch Big Brother last night but I think it's so fun! I hate the comment about K teachers though, that's frustrating!

    I hoe your kitty starts to feel better soon!

    Down The Learning Road

  4. I agree with everything you have written today - especially that whole "word verification" thing... so annoying. And also annoying?!? The new Facebook pop-up things that show up on people's blogs to get them to "like" their fb page. Ugh. I'm glad you don't have that :-) But then again... I already "like" your fb page, so it may not show it to me ;)

    I hope your kitty gets better SOON!!!

    1. Those are getting on my nerves a bit too.. My computer has frozen twice because of them!

      Strive to Sparkle

  5. I haven't watched Big Brother in a while but I did watch it last night. Danielle's comment bothered me too especially when she said she wanted people to think that all she does is play with kids all day. Then, she had to go on about her degrees which I believe many teachers have those degrees too. Maybe she'll redeem herself. I'm going to have to watch to find out. I hope your kitty gets better soon! I also love Rafflecopter too! So much easier than before!

    Swimming into Second

  6. I knew somebody would be talking about that girl pretending to be a kindergarten teacher! After that, I wanted her sent home first. Poor Jodi, I wanted her to stay (maybe it's the name)! I hope your kitty feels better!

  7. Heh heh heh ... I am doing a happy dance because you are seriously considering writing a booklet on blogging! : ) : ) : )

    First, I would suggest you gather your posts that give blogging help and put all of them in the booklet.

    Other ideas:
    Have a blog etiquette page. People who make mistakes usually just don't know the correct etiquette because this is all new for them.
    How to follow a blog and why you would want to.
    How to get rid of those awful word verifications!!! (I got rid of mine once, but if they ever come back ... someone PLEASE tell me!!!)
    Ideas to blog about.
    How to add to a linky.
    How to start a linky.

    Okay, I will stop. Thank you for considering this booklet!!

    An Open Door
    What gadgets are available / recommended for a blog and how to add them.

  8. I wish I could like some of these comments! They all seem right on the money! I really dislike when people make comments about teaching (like on Big Brother) who really don't know what they are talking about! People think we have such an easy job because we get out at 3 and we have summers off, which we know are myths! Unless you are a teacher, have lived with a teacher, are a husband, wife, or child of a teacher you really don't get how dedicated we are. Off my rant! Hope you kitty feels better soon!

  9. I LOVE BB! I was pretty irritated by the Kindergarten Teacher comment, too. She's gotta go! If Willie is anything like his brother, it will be quite an interesting season. I hope he is a true villian and stays on for a while, I hate when they are all just friends...too boring.

  10. I agree - I was so worked up over that kindergarten teacher comment on big brother... OOhh share some of the Boogie stuff!!

  11. Poor, poor kitty, I hope she feels better soon.


  12. Poor kitty! It is no fun to have a sick pet. last year my nine month old cavalier puppy had a major surgery and it was so stressful and difficult. Now he's a new dog and doing great.
    love big brother , my husband and I have watched together since season 2. I agree about the K teacher comment.
    Hope she redeems herself.

  13. I've never seen Big Brother, but if I understand you correctly, someone actually had the nerve to say she was a teacher instead of a nurse because she didn't want to appear too smart? What the hell? That's infuriating!! Hey, here's a newsflash for you, sweetie, without teachers, you never would have become a nurse!!! Ugh!!!

  14. I am also a huge big brother fan and glad I see someone else watches the Showtime episodes. My husband thinks I'm nuts! I usually tape them and have them on during the day as I do other chores. I completely agree with you about the teacher comment. No one has time to "play" when standards and accountability expectations continue to rise. From the way it sounds she is kinda of whiney and the others are not to fond of her right now so she probably won't be around long. I am so sad for your kitty. I agree with a comment from above about calling your vet. The lack of water is a concern. There must be a better way than the cone. Sometimes we have to be assertive with our vets just like we are with other doctors. Fight for what you think is right for your furbaby. I had to do that a few years ago with our dog. Let's just say that old vet of ours was left speechless! We are much happier with our new one! Keep us all posted.

  15. Oh, bless you! The dreaded Cone of Shame! My golden had tumor removal surgery on Wednesday and should be wearing one now. The last time I put it on her though it triggered a seizure. I can't do it! So I'm watching her like a hawk instead (and getting lots of work done)!

    Strive to Sparkle

  16. Our summer is now complete in my household. My youngest daughter and I love, love, love Big Brother. We follow Big Brother Leaks on Twitter, so we already know what happens... Morty's TV online is another spoiler site, we just can't wait for the shows to air! I am loving that Dan is back, I can't stand Janelle, Britney should have been Dr. Will, and Mike Boogie has aged, hasn't he? I hope kitty feels better, I hate when our pets aren't feeling well!

    Expect the Unexpected!

    Faithful in First

  17. Actually, I have 2 comments, Jenn (sorry in advance for being long-winded). I hope you won't be offended by the first:) I have never been a cat person; I have 3 dogs. When I read your first post about Shadow missing, I felt bad and sympathized with a missing pet. When you kept posting about Shadow, I couldn't get this cat out of my head. Even though I don't particularly care for cats, I do like black ones and the pic of Shadow (with your son, maybe?) melted my heart. Well, that very night we found the creature that our dogs have been going berserk over for the last 2 weeks; we thought it was a skunk living in our shed, but it turns out to be an 8 week old precious black kitten! We now have 4 pets. I am now a cat person...and I am blaming you and your sweet Shadow posts! :)
    Now for the blogging question: My hesitation in starting one is all the awards given out ("One Lovely Blog", etc) and giveaways and things people do to attain followers. It feels like a lot of it necessary? and any advice in dealing with it? I wouldn't want to snub people, but sometimes I feel like that's a lot of unnecessary stuff to deal with...

    1. Amber,
      Yea, another cat convert! Kittens are the best! The great thing about blogging is you can participate as much or as little as you are interested in. I sometimes feel that pressure but have just decided to do what I have time for and let the rest go. Hopefully my readers will understand I have a family that also needs some attention. :-)

  18. I love me some big brother! I also was annoyed by the kindergarten teacher comment! Wth?? That was just plain rude! I am excited with the coaches who are back. I think I would have shot myself if they had Rachel come back!! And, Russell's brother looks sooo much like him, only better looking. He's not going to get away with that for long!
    So sorry about your poor kitty!
    Kerri b

    1. When I found out about the coaches, the first thing out of my mouth was, "Please not Rachel!" ":-)

  19. That kindergarten comment bugged me, too. I also thought she was implying that made her seem dumb... and that she just "played with kids" all day. What?

    Your poor kitty. Our dog had to wear a cone for a while. It took him the better part of a week to start acting a little more normal with it on. I hope she feels better soon.
    ❤Dragonflies in First ❤

  20. Your poor kitty. The fabric cone we had for our cat when she broke her leg was adjustable. (She was only a kitten.) My cat was super skittish too and it was so difficult to deal with a cat that couldn't clean herself/use a litter box. It helped a lot to keep her in a large kennel with an open litter box in it. With a lot of towels. It really limited how much she could get around and we would just wash the towels daily. You might want to call the vet again to ask about an adjustable fabric cone. How long is she supposed to wear the cone? Good luck!

    I don't watch Big Brother. Hayden (the winner from a few summers ago) is one of my former students. I taught him for two years (when he was in 4th and 5th grade) and I absolutely adored him. I was flipping through the channels and saw him and flipped out! I ended up watching the last few episodes to see him win. It wasn't that much of a surprise he won, he's a really great guy. There were contestants on the Amazing Race this last season that said they were Kindergarten Teachers to not seem so competitive. Wouldn't you just love to have these people try our jobs for a day?!

    1. I loved Hayden!!!! I think having to teach would be a hysterical reality show competition!

  21. Hey Jenn - how is your kitty doing? I feel for you and your little one. My baby one has been going through major eye issues the last couple of months and it seems to have us going to the vet's office weekly. I hope she is much better these days!

  22. She is doing great, thanks for asking! Eye issues are no fun, sorry to hear it. Hope your baby is feeling better soon!