Friday, July 13, 2012

Big Brother & My Cat Reality Show

Are there any other Big Brother fans out there? 

What do you think of the new cast? I have to admit I always hope for some romance (like Jeff & Jordan) or at least flirting & sexual tension (Danielle & Nick.) I think Shane is my only hope in that department.

This new Danielle saying she was a Kindergarten teacher instead of a nurse to seem less threatening irritated me. It seemed like she was implying that she didn't want to seem too smart. :-( I hate how people have such a misrepresentation of what we do and the intelligence it takes to be good at it.

Willie should have been more proactive if he didn't want people to know he was related to Russell (Survivor). Instead of acting surprised I would have said, "Yea, people say I look like him all the time.
I felt badly that Jodi got sent home the first night! That PJ game looked HARD.

The veteran coaches is an interesting twist. They were really sharing some awful dirt about Boogie on Showtime After Dark. I was surprised they didn't cut away but I guess he did sign the release.

In my own cat reality show...

Shadow is still not reacting well to the cone. She does nothing but lie still (with her head looking uncomfortable) until something spooks her and she runs around bumping into doorways and eventually dives under a bed. She stays wedged under there the rest of the day not moving. The first night she was so still and quiet I was seriously worried she was dead. The last 2 nights we have had to lift the bed entirely off the frame so I could scoop her out. Then we hand feed her. She won't drink water for some reason which concerns me. She peed a little on the rug and we realized she is so afraid to move she is not making it to the litter box. She smells like pee and of course can't clean herself with the cone. So now we place her in the litter box a couple times a day.

Her wound has bled because she has taken to dragging her butt back rather than walk forward with the cone. I wish they had given us the fabric cone but they said it didn't fit her? I stayed in bed an extra hour this morning because she was laying on me so peacefully I didn't have the heart to disturb her. My husband blocked off our bed so she can't go under it today. We'll see if that works!

 I also need to announce....

Congrats to Cathy Smith, the winner of my VersaTiles Starter Set Giveaway!
That was the first time I used Rafflecopter and I really liked it. Why you ask? (Okay, okay, you didn't but play along...)
1. You set the time for the contest to be over and it automatically closes the entries.
2. It will randomly pick the winner for you so no more having to use the random number generator. This also is good since I no longer have numbered comments.
3. The entries are collected by the widget so you don't get an email for each one. I usually like seeing my comments by email but deleting 500+ for this giveaway wouldn't have been too cool.
4. It is much faster for people ENTERING the giveaway than leaving comments for each one (especially if people still have the annoying word verification setting! Seriously, get rid of it already! You don't need it and it will deter people from commenting.)
5. It is FREE!

Are you unsure about HOW to enter giveaways on Rafflecopter? Click {here} to view a short tutorial.

No, I am not getting anything from the Rafflecopter people, I just like to help out the newbies.

I have been asked many times to make a blogging booklet for beginners. If I did, what kinds of questions do you have that you would like to see answered?