Wednesday, July 11, 2012

My Poor, Poor Kitty

After our elation of Shadow's return wore off, we realized here wound was worse than we thought. 
It was hard to get a picture but it looked like a chunk was missing so we figured it was an open bite and could get infected.

After an hour and $200 spent at the vet, I now have a completely traumatized cat. They had to shave around her wound and clean it out.

After reading about Kristin's problems getting her dog to take his meds we opted for the antibiotic by shot. They had to put a cone on her to keep her from licking her injury.

When we got home, she jumped out of the carrier and completely went nuts! She started running around the halls, bumping into walls and trying to get under beds. The poor thing is so hating that cone! She finally made it under the couch and wouldn't come out all night. She didn't eat and I couldn't give her any pain meds.

I finally coaxed her out this morning with food. I held the bowl to make sure she could get to it.
Before I could try to get any pain meds into her she freaked out again. When she tries to run down the hall I think the cone must knock on the floor and that makes her skittish. She always did freak out at the sound of plastic bags so I'm sure being surrounded by a plastic cone is torture.

Luckily she couldn't make it under my son's bed when she freaked out today and I got her to stay on it (that is the first picture above.) Even though she looks a little uncomfortable with her head off the bed it has to be better than it being wedged under the couch, barely able to move.

I want to give her pain meds (liquid) but she won't open her mouth and I don't want to force it and have her freak out again. Maybe in a little while I can bring the food bowl back and sneak the dropper in her mouth then.  Or I could be a total wimp and wait until my husband comes home and let him try. What do you think? 
Thank goodness we opted for the antibiotic shot so I didn't have to deal with that, too!

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