Monday, July 16, 2012

Common Core Assessment Packs now K-3 & Big Brother

I finally finished the 3rd Grade version of my Common Core Assessment pack. Geesh, there were a lot! You can pick up a copy in my TpT store by clicking on the picture.
The thumbnail generator seems to be down at TpT but you can download the preview.

Just like the K, 1, & 2 versions, it includes all the ELA & Math standards. You can read more about how I plan to use these {here} if you missed my previous post. Thanks so much to everyone who has bought them. I am so glad you think they will be helpful!

I am not sure I have as many 3rd grade followers so to try to reach more people I am going to run a promotion giveaway. To enter to win your choice of a K, 1, 2, or 3rd grade Assessment Pack, please spread the word about them with a link back to me on your blog, facebook. twitter, or pinterest. If you don't partake in any of that, you can still enter by telling someone the old-fashioned way. :-)
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Okay, on to Big Brother...
This group is kinda BORING so far! I'm sure part of the problem is that with the coaches, things got strategic right away. Instead of naturally making alliances by friendship the groups were formed for them right away. Plus Big Brother has restricted the alcohol a lot more since that one year they were kinda crazy. I'm not sure why when it would be a sure way to get more interesting t.v.

I had to laugh last night (Showtime) when Janelle, Ian, and Ashley were trying to figure out how many days were in July and couldn't. Seriously?? Too bad Danielle the supposed Kindergarten teacher wasn't in the room. I would have liked to see if they thought to ask her.

Boogie just bugs me. He seems like such a slimeball! Shane weirdly gets little camera time. They say he works out a lot and doesn't drink or smoke.