Friday, February 24, 2012

St. Patrick's Day FREEBIE and math gold!

I was lucky to have a week off this week when I know many of you didn't.  To share my good luck I made you a Lucky ABC order center.

You can download it for FREE by clicking on the picture below.

I have been getting so many positive comments about my math games, I was inspired to make another one with my time off this week.  Pot O' Gold focuses on students verbalizing the strategies they use to solve addition problems. I focused on the strategies of doubles, near doubles, and making ten.
{Topic 16.1 Envision users!} I will use "gold" as the cover up pieces but you could use counters.

Partner 1 picks a card and tells his partner not only the answer but what strategy he used to solve the addition problem. The included math talk cards provide sentence frames to aid your students in practicing this skill.
 I also included a double ten-frame so students who need the extra scaffolding can use counters to help them make ten.
Only $2 in my TpT store right now. Click on the preview below to go check it out.