Saturday, February 25, 2012

Any Nate the Great fans?

I have been getting a lot of requests for more book club packets. I am so glad you guys like them! Here is a 2 pack I used with my 2nd grade readers recently. I love Nate the Great. It could be because I have fond memories of getting my first son hooked on reading with them. He went thru a huge detective phase, carrying a notebook around, constantly scribbling down clues. ADORABLE!  It could be because I love how Nate is always stopping to eat pancakes and never forgets to leave a note for his mother when he goes out on a case. :-)

This packet challenges them to use context clues to determine the meaning of a word.
I meet the group on Monday, going over the book and packet to make sure they understand what to do. During Daily 5, they read to self, read with a Book Club member, or work on their packet.

They know if they come to a difficult question to confer quietly with a Book Club member since I am busy conducting guided reading groups.

There are 3 thinking maps in this packet. A double bubble to compare/contrast two characters, a double bubble to compare/contrast the two books, and a tree map cut and paste to sort words from the story into the parts of speech. 

When they finish the book, they take an AR test before moving on to regular Daily 5 choices.  I added some fun to this packet by asking them to read words backwards like Nate did in the book. Their favorite activity by far though was when I mixed up a secret formula for invisible ink and let them write a secret message. When it was dry, they switched papers with a Book Club member and painted with grape juice to reveal the message! Directions are included in the download.

I love when the Book Club meets again to discuss the book. Reading "real" books gets the students much more engaged and I get better insight into where their comprehension skills are.

This 2 pack is now available in my TpT store. Don't forget to pick up the Lucky ABC Order freebie while you are there.



  1. These look fantastic!!! I love the invisible ink/grape juice activity -- how fun is that????
    A Teeny Tiny Teacher

  2. My daughter loved those books when she was younger =)

    First Grade Blue SKies