Thursday, February 23, 2012


Have you been following my blog for a whole year? If not, I thought you may be interested in some FREE Seuss things I made last year as you prep for next week. Maybe you oldsters forgot you had these? Don't tell me I'm the only one who downloads so much I sometimes forget what I have?

We will make green eggs and ham again and then graph if students liked them or not.
Need a few more center ideas?

You can download all of the above here.
Here is a syllable sort
Seuss Syllable Sort

And a verb worksheet

Seuss Verbs
I love when I find freebies I can use so I hope you found (or remembered)  something today. Thanks for following and commenting. Comments make my day so I am really trying to do the same and make more comments on your blogs. I follow ALL of you :-) so know you are APPRECIATED, even if you don't hear from me. I love this blog community we have going and I KNOW my teaching is the better for it!



  1. Thank you for all of this! We will be graphing if we like green eggs and ham!


  2. Thank you for everything! You are so generous!

  3. Thanks so much!! I agree...this blogging world has made my teaching so much better and I have all of you wonderful teachers to thank for that!

  4. Jen, Thanks for the freebie-they are perfect!1

  5. Jen,
    Thanks for the freebies, but when I click on the link for the Contraction Match, I am taken to " and asked to pay money to download the worksheet. I that supposed to happen?

    1. Karen,
      You can sign up for DocStoc for free but I remember that it was confusing for people so I just uploaded to Google Docs instead and fixed the link. Hope that help you.

    2. Thank you so much! You are right, I tried to sign up for the DocStoc but couldn't figure out how to get your freebie without buying a subscription to the site. I really enjoy following your blog!