Friday, January 20, 2012

Want a Chuckle?

Thank goodness it is Friday! Just a quick post to give you a chuckle. After lunch, a student came to me with her dramatic sad face on. She asked if she could go to the I Message with Kathy. She explained, "She says she won't be friends with me anymore because I believe in mermaids." I couldn't help it. I did laugh out loud. I covered it up with a cough as quickly as possible but I'm not sure she bought it.
Here is the poster we use to teach the students to work out their own problems. Let's just say these particular girls visit often. {Insert eye roll  and head shake here.}

The next hour, I was practicing rhyming with 4 of my strugglers. One boy was saying things that were so off base I was racking my brain trying to figure out how he was even coming up with those answers?? In the story, the last rhyming words were floor and door. I ask if he can think of any other words, hoping he will say store, more, poor, etc.  He gets an excited look in his eye and yells, "WHORE!" I guess I should be happy that he finally got one right.  He had no idea what he said and no one else batted an eye either.
TGIF my friends.