Sunday, January 15, 2012

MLK frustration and other various topics

Topic 1: Need a great-tasting meal for the crock pot?
I made this Slow Cooker Chicken Taco Soup recipe I got from All Recipes and it was WONDERFUL! I wish you could smell my house. Seriously...who is going to invent smellivision already??

Topic 2: I got a good response from my thinking maps post so I thought I'd include a few when ever I remember to snap a pic. Nothing super original but maybe it will give you a jump start?
The students came up with the words. No laughing at my unicorn!
Can't stand that the basal calls it a naming word so I teach noun anyway. I'm a rebel like that.

Topic 3: Deedee Wills got this email this week:

 I teach in Joplin, which made worldwide news last May when our town was cut in half by an F5 tornado.  Many of our elementary schools were destroyed or damaged, and as teachers, we have had a roller coaster year.  I came from a meeting yesterday where many are struggling with the weight of all we are dealing with.  My request is this:  would you be willing to donate a created pack of your choosing to give away at a drawing at our upcoming district Kindergarten grade level meeting?  The meeting is Monday and I am sorry for the short notice but I did not realize until the meeting how down everyone is feeling.

Deedee had the brilliant idea to ask other bloggers to contribute TpT items to maybe help out the other grades as well.

I have contributed and if you would like to help out our fellow teachers in need you should hop over to Mrs. Wills Kindergarten

Topic 4: I could not find the writing paper I made last year for this so I had to remake it.  :-(
I guess this is how I will discover what I lost in laptop death #1. You can read last year's post to see what I do for MLK.  You are welcome to download if you can use it.
I have a dream

Topic 5: I want to thank Lori from Little Priorities, Mrs. Cupcake from A Cupcake for the Teacher, and Kim from The Adventures of a First Grade Teacher for awarding me the Versatile Teacher Award. I have gotten this award previously so I won't bore you with my seven things list again but I do appreciate the nod. :-)

Whew, are you still with me? That was  a lot. Sorry, you just got a peek into the craziness that is my brain.  Off to finish putting Christmas decorations away (don't judge) and cut my brother's hair. Hope you all enjoy your day off tomorrow!!! The big question is...will I get out of my PJs??? I HOPE not to!