Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Snowy Day

This week we read The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats.

The kids all had clipboards and I stopped and asked them to predict/ infer at certain points. We had a great discussion on how their schema helps them. We live in CA but I was still surprised how many kids have never played in snow!

You can download the worksheet I used  HERE. I realized as we were reading that you also use inferring when you figure out Peter lives in an apartment. We worked on that one whole group and it was interesting how many kids didn't pick up on it. Only 4 live in apartments so I guess they didn't have the schema!! :-)

Then I asked the students to predict what they think Peter and his friend would do when they went out in the deep, deep snow. They wrote about it and made a picture to go with it. 

You can download the writing page HERE
I got the template for Peter and his friend from Chalk Talk a great Kindergarten blog at



  1. Wind chills are way below zero here in snowy Michigan, so if you want some snow I would be happy to send you some-lol

  2. If Sarah doesn't have enough to give you, I can send some more cold and snow from chilly Rochester NY! (thermometer is reading 4 degrees)

  3. I hate to tell you guys, we are having a warm spell and everyone was out in short-sleeves yesterday... I am not complaining but our weather chart sure is boring! :-)

  4. I can not locate the Peter template on the blog from Larramore. Do you mind sharing?

  5. I couldn't find the template for Peter either, can you please email me?