Friday, January 14, 2011

Pics I have been meaning to post...

If you haven't made your power towers yet, go out and buy your Dixie cups tonight because this is the HOT game in my room right now!!

My students LOVED making Noun Town this week. A few students even brought their parents in after school to check it out!
I know I already posted a pic of our Tacky penguins but I couldn't resist this one I took after they were all up on the bulletin board.



  1. I love your blog...can you explain the power tower activity? Sounds like my students might like this one!

  2. Power towers are a way to practice sight words or math facts. Just write them on the bottom. The students pick a cup, if they can read the word (or answer the math fact)they can add a cup to the tower. The container is a Pringles can.