Tuesday, January 25, 2011

No Name Papers No More

Are no name papers the bane of your existence? Then I have the tip for you. The trick is.......................

Before my students turn in ANYTHING they highlight under their name. I simply keep a cup of highlighters and pencils next to the turn in bin. When they go to highlight, they realize, "Oh, there is no name to highlight" and have to write it before they can highlight.

So simple but it works. I have had 0, you heard me Z-E-R-O no names so far this year!! 

I will have to admit I had to make a few rules around them.
1. No using every color to make a rainbow. Pretty but time consuming.
2. No coloring over your name. They sometimes did it so much I could hardly read the name.
3. Your name must be in pencil. "But I wrote it right there in yellow highlighter."

And that is my first Teacher Tip Tuesday!