Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Ant and Graduation Art

Yesterday we made these cute graduation kids. I originally got this idea last year from PeaceLoveKindergarten and you can grab the writing paper from my old post HERE. The kids just LOVE the addition of the real tassle!
Cool eye color!

He told me his short hair wouldn't show. TRUE!

Love the curls!

She made braids like her real hair!
We just finished learning about ants and read Hey Little Ant.

 I decided to make a little more detailed version of an idea I saw on  PeaceLoveKindergarten. I emailed them to find out how they would feel about me sharing my templates but I haven't heard back yet.

1.5 more days. Between baseball playoffs and report cards I am seriously behind in my blog reading. 
Is it weird that I am looking forward to summer so I can reconnect with you bloggers??



  1. Love both of these, hope you can share your template!

  2. So cute! I love both of these crafts.

  3. Hey Jenn!
    I LOVE this! We did a little "ANT"onym craftivity a few weeks ago & wish I would have found this post sooner! ADORBS!!! Would love to have the pattern!
    Christie :)
    First Grade Fever

  4. Too cute. I am buying that book for next year!

  5. Your graduation heads are adorable!! I love the different hairstyles... those girls are pretty creative!

    First Grade Garden

  6. Seriously - too too too cute! Can't get over how cute those projects are!!!!!!!!!!
    And it's not weird -- I can't wait for summer to have time to chat bloggers all day long!
    A Teeny Tiny Teacher

  7. I love, love, love your ant writing craftivity!! So adorable!!

    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  8. Love the graduates. Your tassles look great! I did tassles this year for the first time and they look so adorable. The ant writing is too cute!!

  9. Love the book activity! I love that book!!!

    Just Diving In

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  11. Replies
    1. Sorry having trouble doing this from my iPad! Your projects turned out precious!! Feel free to share your template! Have a great summer!!

  12. Hi there would love to do these next week for my graduating class. They have difficulty with art and so it would be super if you could share your template!! They're fabulous looking!!!

  13. Really cute ideas! Thank-you for sharing. Ditto to the above - would love to use your template, once it is available! How did you go about (organize) students creating their construction paper "kids"?

  14. These are absolutely ADORABLE!!!!! Thank you for the amazing idea, we will definitely be doing this in my classroom! I found your blog via pinterest and am your newest follower! Thanks again!!

    Jungle Learners

  15. I love this idea! My students need a bit more direction this year when crafting and so I made templates for the body and head for my kids to use; it's available for free from my TPT store with credit given to you for the inspiration.

    First Grade Friendzee