Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Do you know your blog terminology?

Thank you so much for all the sweet compliments on my new blog design. I am excited to say we have our first client!

I have had some emails asking our blog design prices. I went ahead and made a quick page here until we create our own blog design site. Click the words BLOG DESIGN on the navigation bar (under the header.) I was also asked about what some of the terms mean so I thought I would add this. Maybe some of you newer bloggers don't know these? I feel kinda cool having a personal favicon (long a like favorite) that brands me like Facebook's f or Twitter's bird.

Does that help?



  1. Totally helps!! I had no idea about the custom favicon, now I have one. Thank you so much!!!
    Frogs in First

  2. I figured out to add a favicon on my blog last week, and it made me feel very cool! My son would disagree, but I digress... ;-)

  3. ahhhh! I love your new blog design! The colors are perfect and I love anything with cute lil owls! =)

  4. I love your blog design! It's definitely one of the cutest I've seen-especially that little owl!
    Keen on Kindergarten