Friday, April 29, 2011

It's Official: The Universe Hates Me

My laptop is D-E-A-D. 

That would be awful in its own right but here is the kicker...
 I haven't backed up since January.
Goodbye every original I have blogged about for  the last 3 months.
Goodbye months worth of fabulous downloads from my blog-stalking obsession
Goodbye pictures of my sweet class I was planning to make a slideshow with for Open House.
Goodbye report cards that I now have to re-create by begging my parents to send in the hard copies.


If you don't back up regularly, please learn from my painful mistake.

Sigh. I  just can't seem to catch a break this year. 



  1. Hang in there! I appreciate all that you have shared even though I teach 2 half day kindergarten classes. We made the cutest 100 year olds around- yours were really the cutest! Well I put your class samples up on my smartboard to show examples of strong and weak work- my kindergarten project ended up almost as cute! THANK YOU!!!

  2. I'm so sorry! I can honestly say that I feel your pain. My hard drive crashed at the beginning of this month. I hadn't backed up since the beginning of the school year. Nothing could be retrieved. Pictures. Documents. All gone. I'm still grieving over it!

  3. What did we do before computers! Sooooo sorry to hear of your loss, can't think of too much positive to say except, this too shall pass! :(

  4. OMG! Jenn, I'm so sorry to hear that. My computer crashed a year ago. Anyone who's not had a computer crash can't understand that you literally grieve the loss! LOL Well, I have downloaded nearly all of your documents since January, so if you need a copy emailed let me know. Good luck!

    ; First Grade is Fantabulous!

  5. Happened to me too. I lost all my son's baby pictures which I didn't print.
    Sorry. I hope the rest of your weekend gets better.

  6. So sorry to hear. Have you taken it in to see if the files can be recovered? A friend of mine had his hard drive crash a few months ago and they were actually able to recover almost all of them! It cost about $50 to have them take a look at it and get them back. I wish you luck!!!

  7. I was going to say the same as Cindy above. My dad's computer completely crashed and was deemed "unsavable" by a store that fixes computers. He went for a second opinion and was able to retrieve everything.

    Though, reading about this happening to you (and the reader above who lost baby pictures), now I'm a little paranoid. I never back anything up anymore. I need to get my pictures off ASAP! Thanks for the warning!

  8. I had that happen a couple years ago. I do most of my work on my desktop because my old eyes love the big screen, so I bought a Time Machine. Your comments made me check it and it was turned off. Nothing was getting backed up like I thought it was. Guess I better remember to keep checking on that. . .

    I do have you If you Give a Mom a Muffin file that you just sent me. I will forward it back to you.

    I'm so glad you shared and maybe now it will help you out too.

  9. Another thought. I never dump the memory card for my camera. They have gotten so cheap and someone always has a gonga sale on them at Christmas time. That was the only way I lose my pix is if I lose my memory cards.

  10. Jenn,
    Bless you! I am so sorry to hear that? I will be thinking good thoughts that maybe someone can retrieve your files! Hang in there!
    Mrs. Saylor’s Log

  11. Check-in with an Internet Tech IT. They are can look at the hard drive and sometimes pull all of your data off of it. I've had that done for me. It's not all lost until you check this too.

  12. One more tip, with a purchase of an external hard drive for $50-60.00, you will have a daily automatic back-up without any effort on your part.

  13. I share your pain!! My computer crashed last month and I losted all my information, too!!! I hope you can recover your files...hang in there!!!


  14. I am nodding my head at many of the comments above. I am so sorry you lost your computer! My just over a year (and out of warranty personal computer) crashed completely and I lost my gradebook and everything else. I had saved it and put it on my portable hard drive but it still wasn't the most current. Fortunately I had printed some of my gradebook and had the summary forms for my reading tests but still... it was about 6 hours of time to create what I had lost. I talked to the tech teacher at our school and was able to get a school laptop which I have been using. And... what happened last week? You guessed it- computer issues. I was flipping out! Fortunately he was able to work out the kink.

    Hope you can recover your work!

  15. So sorry Jenn, you are so sweet to share! I'd let someone look at to see if they can recover, often times they can. Check your google docs account. Any Google docs you have downloaded should be in your account file. Also, I blog stalk and have a TON of stuff, if you would like to mail me a super large flash drive, I'd be glad to put my blog stuff on it for you. I'd try to email, but the file would be too large.


  16. I love your amazingly creative ideas. Thank you soooooooo much for sharing. I was sad to read about the loss of your computer; how stressful!

    Janice Sumner

  17. oh no!! I hope it gets better because your ideas are so awesome!

  18. Mine died this week too :( I was backing up my downloads, but I lost all my pictures of my kids :( So much for the end of the year slideshow I always give parents and students as an end of the year gift
    I hope you can retrieve some of your data!

  19. Hi Jenn,

    I was able to have all pictures/data restored on my computer as well. I called Best Buy's Geek Squad and they were able to have my computer sent out to a specialist to restore. It cost $700 but was well worth it. Good luck!!! I was told nothing is ever really gone....computers work just like the old cassettes did where info is burned into the tape! Fingers Crossed!!!!

  20. I have a TON of your files SAVED to a you want me to send them to you. I can even transfer then to a flashdrive for you and MAIL you the me

  21. The EXACT same thing happened to me, right down to the progress reports. I hadn't backed up since September and this spring our school got broken into and two teacher's laptops were stolen, I've had it on my to do list to back up because of that and never got around to it! Shame. On. Me.