Monday, February 7, 2011

Groundhogs have bathrooms?

I forgot to post about our groundhog activities! It was a little overshadowed {get it?  HA HA. oh my, I am turning into my mother} by being the same as 100th day for us.

We read a great book by Gail Gibbons and made this chart of our learning. I had a mom tell me she couldn't believe how many facts her son came home talking about. The kids favorite was the fact that groundhogs make bathrooms in their burrows. Gotta love potty talk.
 I love that some of the kids are using the word schema on their own!! :-)

Then we made our TLC groundhogs. I see a big improvement in my kids cutting skills and I know it is from these projects. You are welcome upper grade teachers.



  1. Your TLC art is so cute! I read that same Gail Gibbons book and my kids loved the bathroom chamber in the burrows also! We had a good laugh about it. :)

  2. We made these too! The kids just love them.