Friday, March 9, 2012

Leprechaun Lunacy

Next week my students will make leprechaun traps. To get them in the mood we made our own leprechauns. I have posted before how I use a lot of TLC art projects. I think it is really good practice to listen to and follow directions and they internalize positional vocabulary. When I say vertical or horizontal most of my class turns the paper correctly. I know plenty of older kids who can't do that!

We read That's What Leprechauns Do by Eve Bunting. I love her books because they are always good for new vocabulary words. The kids listened and picked out mischief and slicker to add to our Expanding Vocabulary section of our CAFE board.
 We also wrote about what we would do if we caught a leprechaun. This cute paper was shared by the wonderful Michelle over at Fabulous in First. Love her!
Love that he thinks the leprechaun would be friends with his dog and fish!
Many of the kids commented during the story that they didn't think the leprechauns should be playing so many tricks.
This sweetie did not think it was right to take the leprechauns gold. Like how she gave herself an honorary title?
Report cards went out today and now I am off for a girls weekend!! WOoHOo!!
I'll try to catch up with you all Sunday night so don't blog too much without me!