Sunday, March 18, 2012

Magic Tree House Fans?

I am SO behind in emails and blogging. Sorry if I owe you something back, my life has been extra hectic lately! My husband has been working terrible hours so my mom duties have taken precedence over my virtual life. I spent way too much time in my car driving kids back and forth to baseball, scouts, dances, etc. And both boys had research papers due this week. UGH! I hate homework, especially papers!  I know as a teacher that is probably blasphemy but the other day I was driving by some kids outside riding their scooters and I thought, "How can they be outside, don't they have homework to do?"  Seriously, I thought that. Isn't that TERRIBLE!!?!!! They totally SHOULD be outside playing. 

I did manage to finish a new book club packet for one of my high groups. I have some Magic Tree House lovers so I thought I'd start with this one and then later make some for Eve of the Emperor Penguin and Dragon of the Red Dawn.

 This 26 page packet includes:
*28 comprehension and vocabulary questions
* 7 circle the adjectives sentences
*a brace map {thinking map} for rainforest layers
*rainforest picture cards for visualization and then use with
*ABC order to the 2nd letter
*rainforest research writing extension option
*map resources
*answer key included

If you are one of my faithful Book Club packet users (thanks SO much) I'll give you a heads up that I just got 6 of these Ready Freddy books for 95 cents each from Scholastic Lucky March #62 and plan to make that packet next if you want to grab a set.
 While I was at it I got this 6-book set for my on-grade-level group to try. Seesaw March #5045. Who can resist Mercer Mayer? I'll make something to go with this, too. Any skills you'd like to see me hit?

In other news, I started a DonorsChoose project for mp3 players because our listening center died. The DonorsChoose board of directors is matching funds through Monday so I am really close to getting it funded. How exciting!!!
Off to do laundry, clean, blog design, lesson plan, make kids do their chores, drive to baseball practice, harrass oversee my middle schooler starting ANOTHER research paper... I'll sneak in some blog reading in there somehow. Maybe a reward for each job I finish? Do you make deals like this with yourself or am I the only weirdo? 



  1. I am having a giveaway on my blog that may help you enjoy your well deserved alone time, when you finally get it! Come check it out!


  2. I hope your donation gets funded by Monday! That would be really exciting! Have a great Sunday!

  3. Hey Jenn I am really interested in your book packets. Can you tell me how you use them or refer me to a post? Thanks!

    Hope things slow down soon!


    1. Hi Gracie,
      Here are some posts where I've talked about book clubs. Let me know if you have more questions.


  4. You are CRAZY busy.
    I make deals with myself all the time. :)
    A Teeny Tiny Teacher

  5. That's funny 'cause I was just thinking about you today and wondering where you were. You always have such good stuff to share!

    Grade ONEderful

  6. Hi Jenn, I am about to start the Ready Freddy Save the Earth book on Monday with my high group. Have you created a packet yet and will you be putting it on TPT?

  7. I haven't finished it yet. I plan to put it up next week while I'm on Spring Break.