Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Finger Puppet Fabulousness!

Last month, I got the sweetest offer from Cheryl at Crack of Dawn Crafts to send me a Splat the Cat finger puppet. When I opened the package today not only was this adorable guy in there...
I'm using Cheryl's photo because mine was fuzzy.
but so was a note saying that Splat was lonely and he insisted a year of puppet buddies accompany him!
 Aren't they adorable!?!?!?!
One of my faves since I teach at a science school!
Jellyfish and mermaid.
Penguin and pirate with a gold earring!
I wish I had a better camera to do these justice! I love all the different textures, feathers, beads, etc! The frog has a fly that can be pulled into his mouth. The groundhog pops out of his burrow and be put back in to hide again. My co-workers were SOOOO jealous at lunch!
 Cheryl has all the major holidays and many teacher topics covered. I have never done any finger plays in first grade but I think I may have to start collecting some! Go visit her blog and tell her how talented she is!!!