Friday, March 16, 2012

The Luck Was WIth Me!

It is POURING outside. Thank goodness it waited until after school! My kiddos had MAJOR leprechaun fever and I don't think I could have survived today if we had indoor recess. My sweeties were hysterical, running around the playground searching high and low for those sneaky leprechauns!

ALL 30 kids brought a leprechaun trap in today and got a chance to explain how it worked.

Sticky fly paper to trap the leprechaun!
A crystal to make a rainbow to attract the leprechaun!
This sweet boy made it clear his was NOT a trap. He borrowed his sister's doll furniture to make a comfortable place for the leprechaun.

This one had chewed green gum holding the coins so the leprechaun would get stuck. YUCK but the kids loved it!

A tunnel maze!
Yes, everything on this trap is edible!
So of course we ate it!
The leprechaun visited when the kids were at music. He made quite a mess!
Tiny footprints.
They got into the gold Kiss Your Brains!
Were the leprechauns reading to our stuffed animals?
The leprechauns liked books about themselves!

They played one of our math tub games: Pot O' Gold of course!
They also got into our letter tiles. Every student got a note from Lucky and a chocolate and gum coin.  
It was kinda nice to have the traps and leprechaun craziness all on the same day instead of leaving them overnight like I did last year. Hope you enjoyed the leprechaun fun with your kids.  Or maybe you are on Spring Break already? Then my green is from envy 'cause I still have 3 weeks !!!