Friday, March 2, 2012

I can't stop rhyming!!!

I love Seuss week but there is a major side effect....I can't. stop. rhyming!  Or at least thinking like the texts. Can you, can you stop me now? No I can't Ma'am, ask a cow. 

Today was also Crazy Hair Day so that added to the excitement! One of my former students had hair that looked Seuss-ish so she came down and showed it off to my class.
I also had Thing 1 in my room today. Funny enough, her twin is in my class too but he did not want to come as Thing 2!
We made green eggs and ham and then graphed if we liked it or not. Even simple things like making a graph is more of a challenge with 30 students. Since 24 didn't fit, even with super long paper, we decided to make it wobbily like a Seuss picture.
Here is a shot of the hats we made on rainbow hair. You can see our Horton writing and peek over on the bulletin board in the background. I didn't take a close-up since I already blogged about that project {here.}

The kids loved that all week our daily editing word problems had Seuss characters in them.
This year, instead of a notebook, my kids paste my daily editing on Cara's Calendar Companion and it has been terrific combo!
The picture is supposed to match the number sentence but this young man pointed out to me that he didn't need to draw all 15 Sneetches because, "I played Pot O' Gold yesterday and knowd to use near doubles. " Woo Hoo! I told him that was a good point and from now on if they could tell me the strategy they used instead and used labels like this I 'd be happy.
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