Friday, September 23, 2011

Blurting Brainstorm

Anyone else ready for bed at 9 PM? My class is seriously wearing me out!
This came up when I googled exhausted. LOL! Umm...I wish I looked that good when I WASN'T exhausted!

I mentioned before that I have many students that were from a kinder class that a rough year. Things are getting much better but there are still a few darlings having a hard time with calling out every thought in their head OR making weird sounds??

Ready for my magic solution?

I start the timer running. If someone calls out I stop it (it makes a nice beep) and say something like, "Oh, calling out stops our timer" and write the time the class earned on the board. Then I start it over again and they try to go longer without calling out to beat their time. Time earned gets them out early to the next recess or lunch.  After a little while, I didn't need to say anything about the calling out anymore I just stopped the timer and the beep was enough. The offender usually clamps their hands over their mouth!

Here is the super secret teacher trick: I never show them the actual timer because I LIE. Yes, think what you will but I lie to my children. There is no way I am letting them get out TOO early so I make up the times so they improve if they should but not by so much that they get out earlier than I am comfortable with.

Hope my occasional idea is helpful to someone else!