Saturday, September 3, 2011

Pete the Cat Cause & Effect

As promised, here is the 2nd Pete the Cat activity I mentioned. Our comprehension skill this week was cause and effect.  I first taught the skill using the read aloud from HM, Charles Tiger. This concept is pretty confusing for 1st graders so I thought using Pete the Cat: I Love My White Shoes, a story they loved and understood well, might make it a little easier. I created a simplified flow map with a sentence frame. The signal word because is highlighted to help them remember that a cause will follow. You can grab this worksheet here.

I modeled how to draw the cause and effect in the boxes and fill in the sentence frame correctly. I had images of Pete that I had drawn that they could glue on if they preferred but most of my class wanted to draw a close-up of the shoes like I did in my model. Here are the small Pete pics if you'd like them.
Small Pete

Then off they went to work with their partner. They had to:
1. decide which cause/effect example from the story they wanted to use
2. make sure both partners participated
3. use resources in the room or sound out the words

I am so happy it is a long weekend! I will most likely spend a lot of it working on school stuff and blog designs but at least I can do it in my pjs!