Monday, September 19, 2011

Flashcard Friends

Do you have English learners who are still having a hard time getting their letter sounds down? I had one sweetie last year who I did flash cards with daily and she kept missing the same ones. When I asked her what the picture was on the m card, she said rat instead of mouse. On the q card she kept saying princess instead of queen. So those clues were no help at all! One day I realized she knew her classmates names better than many of the other kids did. BRAINSTORM!!! 

I quickly made these alterations to the flashcards:
Luckily I had a wide variety of names and could cover most of them. Now, she quickly learned the sound of M because of her dear friend Megan! Not only were the pictures more helpful but she was more engaged in practicing her flashcards!

I don't think I'll need this trick this year since most of my students are only missing a few sounds here and there (that darn short e is a tricky one) but I came across these cards and thought maybe someone else could use the tip. Worked like a charm for my sweetie. Isn't she a cutie?