Sunday, November 16, 2014

Turkeys cuteness and FREEBIES!

The turkey disguise project was a big hit again this year! 

My 2nd graders are finishing up their stories to explain how these disguises saved them from being eaten and I am quite pleased with their writing.

My firsties wrote How to Cook a Turkey this week. These are always good for a chuckle. You can grab the FREEBIE HERE.
"But I am a vegetarian so I don't like turkey. Yuck!"

Did you know you catch a turkey with a spear?

Who knew a frozen turkey only takes an hour to cook at 24 degrees!

Grilled turkey! We live in California so I guess that is possible. Salad inside the turkey is a  new one to me.
 We also made noun turkeys with a person, place, or thing written on each feather.

This week my students will use my Thanksgiving Noun QR center that I uploaded as a FREEBIE.
These cards are taped up around the room. The students walk around reading the sentences. They identify the nouns and write them on the recording sheet next to the matching picture. 

 When they are finished they get an iPad and scan the QR code to check their answers. My students love these centers so I hope yours do too!

In sad news, we did have to say goodbye to our cat, Kobi. It hit me a lot harder than I expected it to and feels like I lost a family member. I was a mess that day at school but my first graders (who knew all about my cats) were very sweet, gave me a group hug, and made me presents in art class. Love those cuties!



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