Sunday, November 2, 2014

Good vs. Evil: An Antonym Game

I made a review game for my 2nd graders to practice identifying antonyms.

The student scans the QR code on the card to see if they got the correct answer and get to move forward one space.
 I also included positive and negative fate cards based on the movies.

Between the Star Wars theme and using the iPads it got a double thumbs up! You can grab a copy HERE in my store for only $3.
Leave me a comment with the link to your pin and I will pick someone to send a copy of this game to.
You could play the game without the checking the answers with the QR codes if you don't have access to technology.



  1. Would love to try this pack out! Anything with QR codes are fun!

    Fluttering through the Seasons

    1. Send me your email Cherie and I will send you a copy!

  2. I think this would be a hit with the boys! Pinned here: tokyoshoes at hotmail dot com