Sunday, December 4, 2011

Student-Made Holiday Gifts Linky Party

Do you have a terrific idea for a holiday gift your students can make for their parents? Or perhaps could you use some new ideas? Let's have a linky party to share!!

Last year, I made handprint calendars I adapted from Little Giraffe's.  This picture is from that site because unfortunately I have none since my laptop failure. I found an alternative to the Santa poem/picture for my students that didn't celebrate Christmas. This is a great project but it is takes time and organization. I started in September and still barely got it done! I remember staying late one night to bind all 30 calendars and thinking that maybe I should look for a project that took less of my time.

I'd love to make these that I've seen around quite a bit. This picture is from A Little Bit Funky
but each year I have a couple Jewish students so I don't feel like ornaments are the best choice.

I found a similar idea on Eighteen25 that I am thinking of trying this year. Adding ribbon to make it an ornament could be optional.

What ideas have you seen? Come on fellow Pinterest enthusiasts, here is your chance to share all those great ideas you have collected!

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  1. I have my first graders tell me a recipe for their favorite food and I type them out, word-for-word. If they don't know any, I ask them to tell me their favorite food and ask them questions like, "What do you think makes it sweet/creamy/hot?" etc. Then I ask them to guess a quantity for each ingredient. I give them clue words like "ounces, cups, spoons, gallons, etc." Then I have them tell me what to do with the ingredients they listed. Finally, if it's cooked, I ask them to guess the temperature and time needed. Since they don't have a sense of degrees or cooking times, their responses are usually hilarious! I type all these out, have them illustrate their page, and get them copied. Each parent gets one class cookbook. I even add a table of contents and an index to make it look real. But most importantly, I put a letter on the first page to the parents explaining how this came to be along with the following disclaimer: "Although these recipes were given with 100% faith and confidence by your children, if you choose to prepare any of the following recipes as written, you do so at your own risk. The editor claims no responsibility for any accidents, fires, or foodborne illnesses that may result."
    The funny thing is, the kids are so happy to give these to their parents. They even wrap them up, put a bow on, and put them under the tree. So when their parents read it and start laughing, the kids are a little annoyed at the reaction! I have had more parents from the past ten years tell me they have kept these cookbooks as a memento of first grade as one of their all-time favorite gifts! If you want, I can email you a copy of this years. Since our classes were small, we put all the first grades together for a more "meaty" cookbook (pardon the pun!!).
    Meenal in North Olmsted, Ohio

  2. We started the handprint calendars last week and boy, did I get a migrane. I am with you, I need something that takes less time and energy.

  3. Oh my gosh I am way new to blogging and I think I linked the correct way!!! I am so scared! hahaha I read your etiquette post so hopefully I am on the right track :) I linked to my pinterest page, I have been way addicted to pinterest since the summer which then led to my teaching blog addiction! I love your blog!!! Thank you so much for sharing all of your wonderful ideas :)

    Lisa G.

  4. I also wanted to add that I have also done the calendar and thought the same thing! Starting the first month of school and barely finishing was just too hard! I don't have an aide in my kinder room and I hate to ask parents to help with their gifts...LOL I have done the snowman ornaments every year! Wal-Mart usually has a great deal on the bulbs! This year I can't seem to find any covered in glitter..if anyone finds some at a great deal let me know :)

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