Saturday, December 17, 2011

No Grinch here

Ahhhhhh....I made it! My kids were less crazy than I expected yesterday AND my husband is home after 2 weeks away! Life is good! Here's what we have been up to since my last post...

We read How Santa Got his Job and then applied to be an elf. I used the fabulous Cara Carroll's Elf Application. Is there anything of her's I don't love? The templates for the face, mittens, and shoes are from Mathwire.
I am getting much better about letting things go. The girl's arms on the right would have driven the old me crazy {okay, they still do, but I didn't tell her to fix them so that is progress in my book!} Rainbow stripes and hair glued on top of your hat?? Welcome to first grade! Did you notice some friends switched mittens or shoes so they each had one red and one green? :-) I also let them pick out their own googly eyes which is why they are different sizes. I didn't get a pic but one girl has pink eyes. I did put those crazy colored eyes away after I saw that. So maybe I haven't grown that much.
This cutie braided her hair!

We watched the Grinch while we worked on our cards and I pulled small groups to wrap their present. Then we wrote and drew how we would make the Grinch smile (from my other favorite, Deanna Jump!)

And of course we had a holiday party!
reindeer hats
Polar bears
beading snowflakes
playing dreidels with gelt {chocolate coins}
sequin craft
 Notice the goodie bags? My smart room mom had their names on them and asked the kids to take them with them as they visited the stations. Everything they made got into their bag for a quick and easy take home! Well...not everything made it home...
cookie decorating and eating

Happy Holidays bloggy friends! Hang in there those of you who that still have a few days!!!!



  1. 5 days.....I will make it. Right?

  2. I have 5 days left too, like Lori but Jenn, I am psyched for you and all other bloggy pals--happy vacation!!! What a nice celebration for your students!

  3. 3.5 days for me! Def. going to add that cute polar bear to my list of activities for the week!

    A Cupcake for the Teacher

  4. Hi jenn:

    Love your blog!!I am now following and have grabbed your button!!I do hope you stop by mine for a quick peek!!

    Merry Christmas!!


  5. How do you do that many stations???

  6. We have 6 stations with a parent or two at each. The party is an hour so the kids just float to the stations that have an opening. I make sure I announce how much time is left so they can get to a station if they haven't yet. Party days I do almost nothing. My room parents set it up, run it, and clean up. I take pictures. :-)