Monday, December 26, 2011

Near Disaster and My Top 3

Happy Holidays everyone! My house is still overrun with family but I snuck off for a few minutes to visit blogland. I love my family but a week straight of a loud {booming male voices and babies crying}, crowded, messy {I've lost count on the number of spills}, smelly {I've forgotten how odorous those diapers can be} bustling house is starting to get to me.

We had a NEAR DISASTER yesterday... Picture my husband taking the 20 pound turkey out of the oven. It may have been the disposable foil pan we were forced to use to get it to fit in our oven or it may have been the fact that my husband was partaking in the holiday booze with my brothers....but as he is transferring it to the counter the juices start POURING over the side onto the floor. My hubbie starts to slip on the fatty liquid and just manages to slide the turkey onto the counter before his feet go completely flying out from under him and he lands hard on his butt!  After making sure he was okay, I laughed my a** off! Making my gravy with MUCH less stock and cleaning up that disgusting, greasy mess wasn't so funny but at least Christmas dinner wasn't ruined.

I saw Fern Smith had a good idea to look back on the year to see what our most popular posts were so I'm linking up. You can click on the post name to read the original if you are interested.

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I think it will be interesting to see what everyone else's most popular are.  Okay, I am being called back to play Awkward Family Photos. This board game is hysterical to play, at least with my inappropriate family!