Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Do you have one of these in your room? Have you ever had to use it?  I miraculously escaped today but many on my team were not so lucky.

It was 15 minutes into lunch. I had eaten scarfed my lunch and was debating staying on my diet or indulging in a lemon bar or chocolate cake. The sweets were winning since my husband has been out of town for almost 2 weeks and this supermom is TIRED!  Getting 2 kids to school before a 7:45 AM staff meeting this morning had just about sealed the deal when....

...our principal came into the staff room and told us we needed to go back to our classrooms immediately and gather our students. The police department had called and we needed to SHELTER IN PLACE. One look on her face told us this was NOT a drill. I grabbed both desserts {hey, I may need the sustenance, who knew how long we would be locked in} and herded kids on the way back to my room.

I don't know what you call it in your area, but Shelter in Place means we lock our door and may not come out until we are told it is safe. That means NO BATHROOM. First graders, after lunch, no bathroom. AWESOME.

I kept them busy and distracted so they actually did pretty well but...

 I kept looking at the clock,  dreading when someone would finally need to go.  An hour and 5 minutes in, someone finally asked. I was AMAZED it took so long. It was probably due to the rant I went on that morning about using the bathroom at recess and me taking away points.  I broke it to the girl that if she couldn't hold it she would need to pee in a bucket. She wisely said she would hold it.

We make it 1 hour 15 minutes and finally a tiny blonde girl pleads, "I need to go. I know it means the bucket." Ugh. I start to arrange a privacy shield and then hear those magical bells. Okay, maybe they were more like intercom beeps but it felt like a Hallejuah moment. Shelter in Place was over!  I didn't even let my principal finish before I let blondie out the door.

We are given a 20 minute recess to recuperate. The staff lounge is all abuzz. Apparently other teachers are nicer than me and did not rant at their students this morning because the teammates on either side of me each had 4 kids go potty in the bucket! Their rooms had a wonderful aroma. I guess being a Grinch sometimes does pay off.

I know you are all wondering what caused all this. Word is there was a home burglary right across the street that was interrupted by the police. The intruder barricaded himself in the home and our neighborhood was swarming with cop cars. Good to know since I live down the street.

On a different note, if you downloaded the Holiday Syllable Sort freebie you will want to go download it again.  I replaced fireplace with mistletoe so their were an even number of each. Sorry, I am sure you understand how crazy things are this week.

I hope your last few days are less eventful.



  1. Nope..I don't think I have ever seen a bucket like that...and from the sounds of it, I don't want to either!! lol
    First Grade Blue SKies

  2. Our school was built back in the dark ages when the "open classroom concept was all the buzzz. We have NO doors and are lucky to have a few walls that were built. My school is a ticking time bomb. And the best part's an inner city school and the 2nd lowest poverty school in the city. with 600+ kiddos! Uh huh....

  3. Makes me super thankful for a bathroom in my room! :)

    Mrs. Bainbridge's Blog

  4. I have a bucket. I had a little girl almost use it last year after being in "lock down" mode for an hour. We average at least one a year; sometimes a practice drill too.

  5. Oh, what a day for you! A year ago we had a Code Red (lock down in the room and hiding away from windows and doors w/lights out) for over an hour due to a shooting at the H.S. just up the street from us. It is very scary for small children and adults also! We don't have portable potties to use. If our little ones need to use the restroom....well, you get the idea!!

  6. We call them "lockdowns" and yes I have a bucket in my room and hopefully we won't ever have to use it since I have a bathroom in my room! :)

    I don't let the kiddos use it though... too much noise from the flushing, maybe stinky, and I do not want it overflowing or anything like that!

  7. Oh Jenn!!! WHAT A DAY! Wow! I have that bucket . . . and we take it out for the Disaster Drill only but I have never had a kid use it. I can't imagine. And honestly, I would probably be the first person that would use it because when I get nervous or excited or hungry or thirsty or anything, I have to go. :)
    A Teeny Tiny Teacher

  8. OhNo! I am glad that everyone was SAFE!

    A few years ago we also got buckets like those...(where do you store something like that is what I want to know lol ewe)

    Our K classrooms have a potty in the classroom so we are "ok" but it would be pretty terrible!! I am glad that you made it out with out issue!


  9. LOL never seen one of those in the classroom. Where do you put it when not in use? Do you put boarder around it:)

  10. Selina,
    It fits under my sink, thank goodness!