Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Glue Got You Gloomy?

What is this I am reading? Some of you had days off this week?? What is fall break and how do I get one?? 

Since we were in school for Columbus Day, we watched this BrainPOP Jr. video that I thought was  good and made these TLC art projects.

Today we read Skeleton Hiccups which the kids enjoyed. They couldn't wait to tell me that they thought it was a fantasy story. LOVE when that learning transfers!!

Then we made q-tip skeletons and this year we added a writing idea I first saw over at the First Grade Parade. My writing paper is nothing fancy but you can get it  here. I have a terrific parent who pre-cut the fingers and feet.

This project requires white glue. You just shuttered didn't you?  Thinking about the pools that take days to dry or drips when the darlings want to show their friend their art? Whining that they can't open that orange lid or that nothing is coming out? Here is the solution....
I bought these Tap N Glue caps and I am in LOVE! No clogging, no opening or closing, just press down and squeeze and a little bit of glue comes out! They fit on any size of glue bottle.  No, I don't get a commission, I just thought you might be a big geek like me and get excited about these. Not as excited as I would have been about a fall break....