Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Bones~ possibly broken and otherwise

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We started studying vertebrates and invertebrates this week. We made circle maps with scientific observation drawings of live, model, or skeletal examples of each.

Can you guess? Yep, a cat!
Our terrific science teacher holding a great white shark jaw.
Mr. Bones is always a hit!
 This bat skeleton went perfectly with the nonfiction reading we did in the classroom. Going to a science school, my kiddos already knew quite a bit.

Pretty cool, huh! LOVE teaching at a school with an awesome science lab!

Alright friends, I am off to bed. My class this year is the most challenging I've had in quite a while and I am seriously spent every day. One of sweet girls went to the hospital with a possible broken arm after falling off the play structure at lunch today. I have been wondering how she is doing all night. The health aide sent her back to me with ice and I took one look at her and sent her right back!  I already have a boy with a broken leg on crutches that the kids fall over themselves to help so tomorrow could be interesting!


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