Thursday, May 26, 2011

"Classity, Class!"

Have you heard of Whole Brain Teaching? When I first started using it the name was Power Teaching. Other teachers and parents get a big kick out of my call-response style.
I asked someone to quickly video me today to give you an idea.
Forgive the quality, it was very spur of the moment.

This is called Class-Yes. I say, "Class, Class" and they respond "YES, YES!" copying whatever cadence, volume, etc I use. I make sure to mix it up to keep them on their toes.

 When they are frozen and looking at me they get a smiley. If not, they get a frowney. If the smileys are winning at the end of the day the class gets a reward. At the beginning of the year we danced to Dr. Jean's Tooty Ta. Now they enjoy playing Heads Up 7-Up.

Another Whole Brain Teaching technique is Teach-OK. Basically a turn and talk with hand-motions and call backs.

Here are our rules (again with hand-motions to get that TPI in!) In the beginning of the year we review them multiple times a day. We recite them in different voices to keep it interesting (robot, opera, slow-motion, etc.)

If you are interested in learning more you can go to the Whole Brain Teaching website or search youtube and teachertube for more video examples.

I hope you enjoyed a glimpse into my teaching style.



  1. Love it!!! I'm using WBT too! It's been the best free program ever. You're doing a great job. Thanks for the videos clips. Biff would be so proud!

  2. I love these videos!!!! I've read a little bit about this but hadn't seen it in action. I definitely need to see about how to use these concepts in my own class.


  3. LOL...When I read your title my mind instantly said, "Yessity, Yes!" LOVE Whole Brain Teaching. :) Jodi

  4. Thank you for sharing. I want to start next year using some of the WBT with my class.

  5. I LOVE WBT!! I found it a couple years ago and haven't looked back!! :)

  6. HAHA! My brain also instantly said, "Yessity, Yes!". I do this in my classroom too! LOVE it!
    Primary Inspired

  7. Thanks for sending the link along...I spent one night reading almost the entire e-book that goes through the structures! Post as much as you can about this, I'm interested in using it next year!

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  9. I LOVE Whole Brain Teaching! Thank you for sharing your videos. It is always inspiring to see how others implement the strategies.

    I have a blog about WBT. This post
    sums up how WBT has changed my career.

    A Whole Brain Teacher

  10. I just looked up Whole Brain Teaching and remembered that you had put up videos a while back - these are awesome! They're inspiring me to try this next year. I can't wait to read more about it on the website!!

    Magnificent Multiagers!

  11. Amazing videos!! Love your style!!

    Check out my blog to read about my experiences using WBT in the classroom!!