Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Bombs and Bugs!

Today one of my parents came to school because he is a police officer and he brought his partner...a bomb-sniffing dog named Red. 
 Red gave us a demonstration (the kids were concerned at first when he said he hid 3 bombs) of how she sniffs the chemicals out and then sits very still and looks right at her handler.
Here is my sweetie who was so proud of her daddy (and her doggy)!

We are studying insects right now.
Fireflies (notice the eyelashes that one of my girls added!)
Praying Mantises
Just have to get those eyelashes in somehow!

All of those art projects were from the fabulous Deanna Jump. 
We made insect fact books too but I wanted more space than Deanna's so I adapted them. I have to admit that insects are really interesting. My students impressed their parents at Open House with all their knowledge!

We also read
and then wrote about what makes us grouchy. 

I put them in our tinted windows and I will have to rethink that for next year. It just didn't POP like a bulletin board would have. Oh well!
With Open House done I can really start to count down the days!