Sunday, September 28, 2014

A New Book Club Packet and Anchor Charts

I have a new book club packet. I'm working on story elements with my first graders so that is the focus of this one. 

It includes a related writing prompt

 and a parts of speech cut and glue.
You can pick this one for only $1.50 in my store!

These two have been keeping me VERY busy!

I haven't had much energy left to recreate the wheel like I usually am guilty of. For example, why think of a clever anchor chart design when you already have a cute one pinned?
inspiration HERE
Maybe a peek at the anchor charts in my room is a good way to see what I am up to. The rest are all mine, hence not very fancy. LOL!

I find personal narratives challenging to teach, especially to first graders, but I have been pleased with the results. The students are working on their final drafts now. Then they get to digitally publish their story using the app Book Creator on our iPads. They are super excited about this!

I thought the ant examples might help them remember the word antonym. The squares are the different examples the kids illustrated.

I had the there, their, they're posters already printed out. I don't remember where I found them so let me know if you made them so I can give you credit!
So that is a quick peek. Hopefully I can get back to real blogging one of these days!



  1. I just posted this a few days ago and thought you could use it :)

  2. Hey Jenn, I love reading what you have been up to. I would love to read a post about the book creator app and how that all works with your grade ones. I feel a bit behind sometimes as we only have access to one in my class, but I am looking for new ways to utilize it and just maybe this is one of those ways. I am sure there are others out there too who would be interested. Thanks for be the inspiring teacher that you are!

  3. Hi Janice,
    I posted about Book Creator last year but it was with my 2nd graders. Let me know if you have certain questions and I can try to post some answers. Thanks for the sweet comments. I sometimes wonder if anyone reads blogs anymore!