Sunday, October 5, 2014

Two Tech Activities and a FREEBIE

This week, my 2nd graders were working on quotation sentences again but this time with the dialogue tag at the end.

Activity # 1
My students love it when I include my kids in their work so I used the free app Balloon Stickies to add some speech bubbles to pictures I had handy.

In partners, they determined what an appropriate tag would be, then wrote the sentence with quotation marks.

Activity #2
I introduced the app Sock Puppets. It is easy to use and these digital natives picked it right up. We are lucky enough to have the full version with tons of options (like Halloween characters and backdrops) but the free version will work.
First, partners each picked a character and agreed on a background.

Then, they decided what their character would say.
Next, they recorded themselves speaking for the character. The app converts the kids' voices into silly voices (that they can adjust) and makes the sock puppet's mouth move.
Look at those engaged kids!
Finally, they wrote what each character said using quotation marks correctly and adding a dialogue tag to the end on this worksheet. You can grab this for FREE {here.}

One of my missions in life is to keep learning fun!
This young lady rarely speaks or shows any emotion so I was thrilled to capture her smiling!

Yesterday was spent at a football tournament (my son scored a touchdown) and then going to see the H.S. performance of Snoopy (we've got some talented kids) so today is laundry, grocery shopping, helping study for tests, etc. day! Hope you  found something in this post you can use.



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